HTLJ Speaker Series: “I Can Hear You Now” (Spring 2017)

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  1. Ruby Zefo, Security and Privacy: Stop Plotting Against Each Other
  2. Todd Hinnen, The New EU-US Privacy Shield: Safe Harbor 2.0
  3. Nicole Jones, Navigating Privacy and Information Concerns at Google
  4. Mark Weber, Getting GDPR ready – as easy as 1, 2, 3 (er..4!)
  5. Phil Lee, The new e-Privacy Regulation – What you need to know
  6. Cyrus Farivar, Apple’s Encryption Battle
  7. Lothar Determann, et. al, Open Cars
  8. Chris Conley, et. al, Making Smart Decisions About Surveillance: A Guide for Communities
  9. Nate Cardozo and Andrew Crocker, We Shouldn’t Wait Another Fifteen Years for a Conversation About Government Hacking
  10. EFF, Microsoft v. Justice Department Amicus Brief
  11. EFF, Apple v. FBI Amicus Brief
  12. JoAnne Mcabb, Protecting Privacy in the Internet of Things


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A video recording of the program is available here.


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